Fool’s Paradise


Hello & Welcome to the official “Fool’s Paradise” web page. Here you can learn more about specific submission casting instructions,  characters descriptions, the film’s log line, shoot information, important dates, pay rate & future goals for this project.

Please read ALL of the information & directions CAREFULLY. If you do not follow the instructions correctly for submitting, you will not be considered for auditions. 1st – If you are under the age of 18 years old we CAN NOT consider you for the roles of Adult Celeste, Adult Mckenna or Adult Janelle. We will have multiple days of shooting and several hours each day. Please do not send multiple submissions for more than one role. Just state all roles desired in subject line together. Please do not send my self or others affiliated personal messages that you are interested in a specific role via Facebook. Just follow the guide lines and I’m sure if you fit the character description you will be offered a date & time slot to audition.

When you submit for a role please put in the subject line “Film Title/ Character Name / Your name” then in the body of the e-mail please put down your: height, weight, ethnicity, age, current city, best contact phone #, e-mail address, can you receive texts, current Representation, & SAG status (SAG-E & Non-Union included). Please attach acting resume, CURRENT head shots (one that looks like you today & the size must not be too large or too small), and if you have an IMDb link, Talent website, and Acting Reel add those as well. E-mail all submissions to / Please give us a chance to go through all the submissions when responding.

We will get back to you. If you do not receive a reply we may feel you do not fit the character descriptions. We will not be e-mailing those not chosen to audition. If chosen to audition please bring a Head shot and Resume to the audition. It isn’t necessary for the resume to be too long. As long as you bring one & are prepared. Sides will be provided prior to the audition. If we ask to see a monologue please have one ready and off book. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Comedic or Dramatic Monologue, just so we get a better sense of who you are as an Actor with out having to worry about sides you received just recently. We have an Audition Location. Currently that location is being locked down for the dates. When you receive an invitation to audition we will attached the location. Please be on time to the audition. Times will be assigned and we do not want to get backed up and fall into another talent’s time block.

If out of State and offered to audition, please record a video and send a private link via Youtube or Vimeo. We will send you sides. Have another person or two (depending on sides) read off camera to you. Do not read all characters lines on own, just the lines of the character we ask you to audition for. We can not pay for your travel. But this film is paid and is expected to get quite a bit of exposure. If you are coming from LA there are Facebook pages solely for the use of sharing rides / carpooling. So that may resolve concern on commute.

All Actors must not be high maintenance. They need to have a cooperative and eager to please attitude. We know this is Arizona and the summers here are hot. But we will do all we can to accommodate. Actors must sign liability forms as this is basic protocol.


~ Celeste: (Main Lead) – 18 to 30ish [Open Ethnicity, Female fit & toned, if over 30 needs to look younger, i.e. 25-28.] The Curious Dreamer. Celeste is beautiful but odd. Has a sense of innocence and shyness but is alluring. She is quiet and internal. She is devoted to her friends. She can say nothing while on camera and still command attention. She is naturally charming and approachable when comfortable, but there’s still something a little off about her. She tends to fall into day dreams. She gets scared easily and isn’t as confident about decision making. Kinda apprehensive when it comes to that stuff. She’s not a jokester by any means. She lives in her own house. Goes about her day and doesn’t complain. When you are “allowed” into her inner circle of friendship you become more of a family member. She isn’t really the huge social butterfly. More like ‘the top 5 friends is all you need’ type of person. She’s pretty private and doesn’t like making a big deal about things unless it’s really pressing. [Must know how to take On Camera Direction well. Celeste’s role is probably the most important and will lead the film.]

~ Mckenna: (Co-Star) – 18 to 30ish [Open Ethnicity, Female fit and toned, If over 30 needs to look younger, i.e. 25-28. Preferably more petite than other talent.] The Peace Maker. Mckenna is flexible and empathetic. Always trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. She is open minded and is a hopeless romantic when it comes to love. Mckenna is warm and you feel like any secret would be safe with her. She doesn’t need to do a lot of crazy stuff for you to feel productive or entertained with her. You feel peace and contentment just relaxing on a hammock out doors side by side with her. She’ll never let you down. Always willing to talk about boys. Will be a shoulder to cry on or a push to get you to talk to that one cute guy. She’s like an inner voice.

~ Janelle: (Co-Star) – 18 to 30ish [Open Ethnicity, Female fit and toned, if over 30 needs to look younger, i.e. 25-28.] The Rebel Queen. She’s quick witted, sarcastic, and drama free. She’s reliable and trustworthy but you never want to be dishonest or stab her in the back because you’ll regret that day and she won’t be sticking around. Janelle is really knowledgeable about all sorts of things. She has a sense of street smarts and it keeps her grounded with reality. She’s logical, but yet a thrill seeker and major prankster. She loves scaring people or entertaining her self or others even at her own expense or other’s expense. She has a quality about her that is magnetic and you just feel safe around her.

~ Young Celeste: (Principle) – 8 to 10 or looks age appropriate / A lot of this role is dependent on whom we cast for the lead (refer to adult Celeste for more insight)

~ Young Mckenna (Principle) – 8 to 10 or looks age appropriate / A lot of this role is dependent on whom we cast for the co-star (refer to adult Mckenna for more insight)

~ Young Janelle (Principle) – 8 to 10 or looks age appropriate / A lot of this role is dependent on whom we cast for the co-star (refer to adult Janelle for more insight)

~ Young Caleb (Principle) – 8 to 10 or looks age appropriate / Blonde hair, preferably blue or green eyes, & athletic build

~ Young Tara (Principle) – 8 to 10 or looks age appropriate / This role is open ethnicity and there is no restriction on look

~ We will need extras at some point for a very short scene. One adult male extra (30-40 years old) will be focused on in a small crowd.


3 girl best friends. Stalker. Cabin in the woods. Psychological Thriller.

Auditions will take place:

Saturday May 31st (Times will be assigned between Noon – 5 pm)

& Saturday June 14th (Times will be assigned between 11 am – 6 pm)


Main Lead & Co-Stars = 100.00 a day (minimum 3 days)

Principle Talent = 50.00 a day (probably 1 to 2 days)

Extras = Unpaid

Submit Head shot, Resume, IMDb links, Acting Websites & Reels to

Expected shoot dates: Mid July (around the 11th – 14th expected, may be subject to change)

Most if not all of the shoot dates will be over night. Most up north in AZ.  Pay, Copy, Credit, Meals, & Lodging (during shoot) Provided. Commuting to & from AZ is NOT included.

We have an Incredibly talented crew attached to this project. Being expedited by a local production company NAVAJO JOE FILMS

This film will be very high quality. Production will run like a feature, though this is a short film. We will be submitting to Film Festivals (local and out of State). We will also be gearing up for distribution. So fingers crossed our film ends up on a Dvd with other short films.